Finding the teacher that's right for you: 

Finding a teacher who meets your needs is not easy and it is worth having consultation lessons with a number of potential teachers to find the right fit.  Your potential teacher, unless they've been trained in the anatomical differences in each singing style, will likely have a particular genre they're both interested in and capable of teaching.  It's extremely important that you find a teacher who is both a personality and stylistic match.  

Singing teachers are unregulated: anyone can set themselves up as a singing teacher without any need for a qualification.  Please do shop around!  You have the luxury of choice.  

Why choose Emily?: 

Emily has run an amateur choir in Hampstead for the last seven years, and as some of her choir members have become her singing students, she has discovered a natural talent and a love of teaching. Her teaching practice has expanded and now includes international students, opera singers and choral enthusiasts. 

Emily is currently studying for a MA/PG Cert Professional Practice in Vocal Pedagogy.  It is the only course specifically designed to train teachers of singing in the UK and the research papers from its students and staff are regularly published and presented at British Voice Association events (

Emily also runs masterclasses at various universities.

What sort of voice/experience do you need?:

All voice types are welcome and no experience is required. 

*Sight-reading lessons are also available and are charged at the same rate as singing lessons*.

You would ideally be: 

- Interested in singing classical music;

- Over the age of 18; 

- Keen to understand the mechanics of singing; and

- Not averse to making some silly noises.

What can you expect?:

Online lessons are a tricky medium, and the time lag makes piano accompaniment broadly impossible. 

Singing alone in your house can be disconcerting for some. 

Emily will work to ensure that you understand what your body is doing as you sing and realise your voice's true potential. 

Lessons are offered for either 1 hour or 45 minutes, and the first fifteen minutes of any lesson will be spent warming-up your body and voice to promote healthy voice use. The remainder of the lesson will focus on the style, technique and performance of a song/aria (or line of a choral piece if you're simply looking to improve your performance in a choir you're a member of). 

Emily teaches English, French, Italian and German song. 

Prices and getting in touch:

Given how many people are struggling to earn a living during this pandemic, Emily's prices operate on a sliding scale.  Please contact her here to arrange a free consultation and discuss fees. 

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